Artist statement

The beginning of a painting, or a body of work, starts on the floor. I am often crouching or on my hands and knees while I pour, splash, spray, dab, splosh paint on the canvas. I like to build layers, mix colours directly on the surface, leave bumps and crevices of paint to dry as it landed. Its often a frenetic space to be – energetic and fast paced. It is a felt experience. As the paintings develop, I move around them, rotate them, place them upright off the floor and the process slows down. The painting itself takes over, the materiality of the surface, the colours and the forms create a dialogue and that informs where the painting ultimately goes. 

With each new body of work my painting practice shifts in a slightly different direction. Recently, I have been attempting to create space, resulting in a less-controlled, more visually loose picture plane.

Once complete, the compositions find their balance, yet remain unending. I want the painting to be imbued with potential twists and turns, possibilities that might breathe beyond the works' boundaries. This is important to me because I feel that in life, we all experience strong emotions – both positive and negative – which are difficult to understand and that's what I attempt to represent aesthetically. We can try to frame them – like a painting, put them in box with edges and contain them – but ultimately, its those things that make us who we are. And they are always shifting, changing shape, never-ending. Always evolving.



2017 Master of Teaching (Secondary) Double Visual Arts, Deakin University

2010 Graduate Certificate in Visual Art, Victorian College of the Arts (incomplete)

2003 Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, Monash University


2016 Wandering Spirits, The Australian High Commission, Singapore

2015 Silk Skin Moon Cakes, TDF Gallery Collingwood, Melbourne

2013 Upwelling, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra


2017 The Other Art Fair, Melbourne, VIC

2017 Summer Project IV, Boom Gallery, Geelong, VIC

2016 Current, Boom Gallery, Geelong, VIC

2015 Summer Group Show, Fenton & Fenton Gallery, Melbourne

2014 Emerge Group Exhibition, MSG Gallery, Melbourne

2013 TDFOH, Melbourne and Sydney


2016 The Honeycombers, Singapore, October

2016 Habitus Living, Sydney, June

2015 Courier Mail, QWeekend, Brisbane, November

2015 The Design Files, Melbourne, September

2015 The Honeycombers, Singapore, April

2013 The Design Files, Melbourne, August

2013 The Canberra Times, Weekend Magazine, September